Managing Private 4G/5G Networks: Key Considerations

  1. Lack of Ongoing Management Plans: Enterprises invest in private wireless networks without considering or planning for their ongoing management and maintenance. There’s a lack of foresight in addressing the need for continuous support and improvements post-deployment.
  2. Absence of Qualified Staff: IT departments may lack the necessary expertise or qualifications to manage and maintain private cellular 4G or 4G/5G networks. Specialized resources are essential for managing and troubleshooting complex RF (radio frequency) issues that may arise.
  3. Dependency on Construction Companies: Construction companies often build private wireless networks, but there might be no designated plan or resources for ongoing maintenance after deployment. The skill set required for deployment differs significantly from that needed for maintenance.
  4. Issues with Scalability and Configuration: Organizations may start with simple designs but face challenges when scaling up, leading to stability issues or configuration problems. This lack of scalability planning may necessitate external support from carriers or other experts.
  5. Investing in 4G/5G Performance Monitoring Platforms: Private 4G/5G networks can experience variations in performance that impact business applications. Organizations need to be proactive in planning initiatives for tools that monitor and optimize network performance.